Shopping for an Insurance Provider

Shopping for an insurance provider can be a time-consuming and complicated task.  How do you determine which provider will give you the most value for your money? What’s the difference between a broker and an online provider? And what’s an industry specific insurer? In this article, we take a look at how to shop for an insurance provider that’s right for you!

Experienced brokers

When selecting an insurance provider, we suggest looking for one with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the insurance industry. You want someone who will understand your business, identify key risks that are specific to you, and equip you with a policy that is tailored to your needs and required level of protection. For example, an online provider may be able to help you find the cheapest deal, but an independent insurance broker such as Allsafe will provide superior support and comprehensive advice. An insurance broker like Allsafe, will also ensure that there are no risky or unusual gaps or exclusions in your policy and will stay by your side through every step of the insurance process.

Policies not publicly available

Another advantage of choosing an independent insurance broker such as Allsafe is that we have access to customised policies that you simply cannot get through a ‘one size fits all’ online provider. For example, Allsafe is a part of the largest insurance broker network in Australia and New Zealand, the Steadfast Group. This means that we’re able to offer a wider range of insurance policies, made exclusively for Steadfast brokers, with greater coverage than a standard off-the-shelf product. And at better prices too! Our partnership with Steadfast enables us to provide our customers with policies that have been negotiated by some of the best in the industry. The result isn’t just top-rate insurance, but peace of mind and assurance that your business will always be protected by a strong policy.

Industry specific insurance

When shopping for an insurance provider for your business, we also recommend looking for one that offers industry-specific insurance. Every business is different and every business has unique risks that relate to specialised products, so why would you take out cover that is standard? An insurance provider that offers industry-specific insurance will ensure that your business is covered for industry-related risks that you may not even be aware of. Some of the common types of industries you can get customised insurance policies for include: aviation, agriculture, community care, construction, hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing, marine, property, retail, trades, transport, logistics, wholesale, and professional services (e.g. accountants, architects, solicitors, marketing agencies, and finance brokers).

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